Halloween Shenanigans! 

We had such an ahh-mazing time last night! Everything was just perfect – good food, great friends, kids got along & played together so well (for the most part) & not a huge amount of tears, and the weather was just perfect! I was a little worried because we had really chilly temps a few days before. I ran out & got warm, knit tights to go under Reesey’s costume (just in case) as we already had a white long-sleeve top for her. She literally wore this costume all day, y’all! But, she definitely was the cutest little fairy I ever did see (if I do say so myself.) 

These were taken while still at home. I was a total #momfail & didn’t take a single picture of all the kiddos actually Trick-or-Treating. 

And since my insanely awesome BIL makes the BEST gumbo every year, we always bring other yummy goodies to share as well as candy for the “pot”. Everybody wins! I’ll share my contribution to the night as I’m pretty stoked about how good it was. I had to literally give myself a little pep talk & make myself STAHHHHPPP eating it. Luckily there’s still some left over in my fridge. 🤗 
Wait for it & be prepared for your mouth to instantly start watering! 👇🏻

  • 16 oz caramel dip (found by the apples)
  • 8 oz block of cream cheese, softened
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1 bag of toffee bits
  • green apple slices (I prefer Granny Smith, unless Honeycrisp are available because we all know Honeycrisp are pretty much LIFE) 

Mix cream cheese & sugar until well blended.  Spread on platter or dish as bottom layer. Next, spread caramel dip over cream cheese mixture very generously til you have used the whole container. Top with toffee bits. If you’ve made this awhile in advance, you can refrigerate until ready to display. 

Easy peasy, right? 



Happy Halloween, Friends! 

This was the best I could get Saturday night at our cousin’s birthday party, which was Harry Potter-themed.

Reesey dressed up as little Hermione while Mama dressed up as her cat. Well, once she saw me drawing on whiskers & a nose, you guessed it. She wanted that, too! But, if you know the story of Harry Potter, Hermione actually did turn into a cat later on. So, the cute whiskers & kitty nose could actually have gone as part of her costume as well. 

On Sunday, we had another birthday party where costumes were “required” as well. I bought a fairy costume for Reesey’s actual Halloween costume, but she had since decided she wanted to be Princess Sofia. Luckily, we already have that dress as an everyday dress-up dress. I didn’t get a picture because, well, #momfail. But as soon as my friend Nicole posts some from the party, I’ll update. 

And, now we have tonight! She is so very excited! Of course, Tommy & I can’t wait either. Everything is so magical at this age! Tonight, we’ll go to my brother-in-law & sister-in-law’s house & trick-or-treat in their neighborhood. Our neighborhood is a complete mad house every year, so for the past few years, we’ve celebrated with them. It’s smaller & low-key which is perfect for us. My fab BIL makes a huge gumbo and everybody brings extra goodies to share. We have such a great time with all of our people & sweet friends! This year I’m sure will be the exact same. Can’t wait to see all the littles in their fun attire! 

Will do a follow-up post to document tonight. 

Happy Halloween, everyone! Be safe & have a magical evening! 


Pumpkin Patchin, ZHS HOCO Parade, Great Friends

So I haven’t written in quite some time, but we are all good here. Just living life & soaking up every.single.minute with family and friends. 

Friday, we travelled to the pumpkin patch in Hammond. I’ve never been to this one (even though I lived there for quite some time). Reesey & I met my childhood friend Keri, her hubby, and their twins who are exactly a year younger than Reesey. The kiddos all had an absolute blast, but it was so unbelievably HOT! It’s crazy that it’s still this hot well into October. We only stayed for about an hour because it was literally “take your breath away” hot. 

Reesey & I stopped for a quick bite to eat afterwards & then got on the road home. While driving home, my “adopted daughter” (haha, not really but might as well be) called & wanted to know if we were going to the high schools’ Hoco Parade. We were so sweaty, tired & just plain blah but I figured Reesey would love it so we decided to partake. She had such a fun time with all those big girls! And, of course, anything that involves candy – she’s down. I’m definitely looking forward to this holiday season with her as she is at such a magical age. I can’t believe my baby love will be 3 in just a few weeks! 😭

In other news… 

I have a dear friend who is battling cancer for the 2nd (yep, 2nd) time in a year. We just got word this week that the chemo isn’t working & more tumors are showing up. WTH?! She’s so young and healthy and beautiful. Her & her husband have two beautiful girls – ages five & two. She has too much life to live! But stupid cancer doesn’t discriminate. Please join me in praying for this sweet family now & in the days to come. 


Beaudet Family vs. HFM

This post is a little late being that we’ve been resuming normal family activities & playing catch-up since the plague took us out for awhile.

Y’all, Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease is NO JOKE! I literally stayed awake at night crying because Reesey had to endure this painful illness & I couldn’t do a single thing about it. And, if anything at all could make it worse – 99% of the sores were in my poor baby’s mouth and down her throat. She refused to swallow anything (not even her own saliva) which means she drooled 24/7 and rightfully so, because you wouldn’t see me putting anything in my mouth or swallowing if I had this terrible stuff. We were severely down for a good 3-4 days – wake up, transfer to the couch, lay there ALL DAY except to go get an occasional Danimals smoothie for R to sip on, bathe, and then, go to sleep {we had sleepovers in Mommy’s bed & booted Daddy to the guest room, which I’m quite sure he didn’t mind.}

I remember laying there awake late at night just praying for God to take this away from her & give to me because I hated seeing her suffering. It’s so hard watching your little go through something that painful, especially when they don’t understand what’s going on. We, of course, stayed quarantined for at least a week after the sores were no longer visiable. The cabin fever struggle was real, y’all! We tried to make fun by going places that we weren’t near other people too much like the zoo, the park, etc. 

I remember her waking up each morning & saying, “Aww Mommy, I’m still sick.” when she still felt those awful sores. I don’t what it was, but THAT literally made me burst into tears. {Yes, I’m a very emotional mama when it comes to my baby.}

I have no clue how/when we could’ve caught this! She doesn’t do daycare or church nursery {not hatin’ on it but every time she went, she got horribly sick and I’m not all about having a week-long sickness just for an hour to myself.} And she hadn’t been licking the floor in public places. Who knows?! Littles & all their random sicknesses are so fickle.

But then, as soon as Reesey began getting back to her old silly self, Tommy started showing symptoms.

And the cycle continued… 😫 I had feelings that I was coming down with it too, but my nifty Thieves spray came to my rescue & knocked that bad boy back to where it came from. Mama has no time to be ill, especially with a little one recovering & a hubby just coming down with it. It was, indeed, a disaster over here.


Brain Surgery ✅  AND Blessed Beyond Measure

For all those wondering & waiting for an update, wait no longer!

Surgery was Thursday, June 29th {as most of you know} & here we are, a little over 2 weeks later. Yes, it’s taken me that long to find a little time to sit down & put my thoughts on a page, or a screen rather.   And, I literally feel amazing! No more headaches {well, besides some here & there but nothing I’m going to complain about} & no more lactation! Praise the Lort! The worst ever was being in public, looking down, and noticing a HUGE wet spot on your shirt. “Oh, you breastfeed. How olds your little one?! 3, she’s freakin 3!” #cleanuponAisleNursingPad 😳

I literally wanted to get up & throw my arms around Dr. B for working his magic. 🙌🏻 He may not have the best bedside manner sometimes but he definitely knew what he was doing in the ole noggin dept.

Now, hopefully I can begin to eliminate some of this medication.

I’m still in awe that I was discharged home the very.next.day, like less than 24 hours later. It was literally amazing!

Now, the recovery part in the hospital wasn’t all daffodils and roses because well, they cut open my scalp & repositioned my shunt, but it was way better than I expected. I even have a little shaved out “racetrack” going down my head. Upon waking up in recovery, I literally felt like I had just been slammed in the head with a hammer {more than a few times}. Once I got up on my own though & the anesthesia wore off, I felt pretty decent. I just wanted to sleep A LOT!

Once I got settled in my room, I felt my head & asked Tommy how bad it looked. “Take a picture of it for me to see.” “Umm how about we wait & do that tomorrow, not right now,” he said. Poor Tommy was so hesitant I was going to have a breakdown merely minutes after surgery because the only thing I was worried about the days leading up to surgery was my hair. I had had it shaved before {when I had my first tumor} and just take my word for it, people, I’m anything but cute when it comes to being bald.

Thank goodness Tommy took off a whole week – plus there was a holiday thrown  in there – so I was able to rest properly & not constantly worry about Reesey. I truly believe this helped a ton.

We cannot thank our oh-so-special friends & family enough for all the love they showed us, whether it was through prayer, coming to check in on us, dropping by with supper, sending flowers/cards, etc. We truly were blessed with the best of the best! ❤️

Now, here’s to hoping {and praying} my lab work in a month shows no abnormal activity, another MRI won’t be required AND the mass on my pituitary gland has mysteriously resolved itself. If all the stars aline then a second surgery isn’t in the future. As always, I know this is all in His hands & He will walk with me always, whether this is all said & done or another surgery is in the works. ❤️



Surgery Update – Taking Another Route

Well, today I got a phone call that I totally wasn’t expecting. Dr. B’s office called to inform me that instead of going through my nose, that he would be opening up my initial shunt entry {which is on the top of my head}. 😳

{insert huge gasp} First, Dr. B said upon looking deeper into my scans, he noticed that my shunt is embedded INTO my pituitary. So, he’s going to attempt to remove it which could be creating the mass that’s there as well as the tumor. However, this doesn’t quite relieve me from possibly having to have a second surgery. Hopefully not, but it’s still a possibility. 

I had to catch myself because I wanted to shout, “Well, s***!” So I won’t be getting my sinuses cleaned out after all as this was the part I was most looking forward to. 

So how will they do this? Well, since they have to go through the top, they will have to shave my head & go through the bone. NOT all of my hair hopefully or I will be going into hiding or becoming a hermit for several months. I’m unsure because the “nice” lady delivering this news was very brief and not of the friendly type. Plus, I was driving in BR to my urologist so I was very unprepared to ask questions & she kinda caught me off-guard. 

On the flip side, I’m hoping recovery will be a tad bit easier regarding sleeping. I dont know why that’s bothering me so much, but it is. Who wants to sleep sitting up for SIX WHOLE WEEKS, raise your hand?! Not this chick I can tell ya that. 

So who knows. But ya know what? It’s all in my Father’s hands & I have full faith that He will carry me through this however that may be. This is in His plan & His will be done. 

*Note: if you’re finding out this information  now thru FB & I didn’t call you, please,  please, please don’t be upset. I literally only told my husband & my mother-in-law {who was keeping Reese today}. I thought this would be the best way to reach everyone keeping up with my story & keep you all aware. 



Happy Muver’s Day, Mama! 

My hubby had the best morning planned out. But we all know what happens when plans are made. 🙄

R woke up at 3ish this morning wanting “mama snuggles” so we both jumped in the guest bed & snuggled up. Then, “Mama, milk please.” Happens every.single.time. 😂So I stumble out of bed, fumble around for my glasses, put on my slippers {I’m crazy weird & MUST have shoes on when I’m walking around}, and sleepily trudge down the hallway.

Then, I hear “Mama, wait for me!” Happens {almost} every.single.time. 😂 I’m really not sure why because once I pick her up, she instantly snuggles into my neck and falls back asleep. Here we go, into the cabinet to get a sippy, one-handedly pouring the milk {thank goodness it wasn’t a full gallon}, screw sippy lid on, return milk to fridge, and we’re on our way back to bed. I lay R down on “her” pillow & hand her her milk. “Table” she says. 😳 Meaning, oh I just wanted you to go get it but put it on the table in case I want it the second you get comfy & close your super tired eyes. Every.single.time. 

This kid is such a diva, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Ya know, my Mother’s Day wouldn’t have been my normal if I would’ve slept all through the night til like 9 or 10. Sure, sometimes I silently scream for those nights where she won’t wake at all & sleep on soundly til morning. But I’m quickly reminded that this is the gift I prayed for. For days, months, years. I cried millions of tears because I would do anything for a baby. I’m reminded that I’m living my dream. I’m reminded that it’s the absolute BEST feeling in the whole world to get back in bed and cuddle her as we both drift off. To feel her warm baby breath on me & smell her sweet hair as I whisper, “Mama’s here. You can go back to sleep.” I’m reminded that some mamas are hurting this very second because they don’t have that baby to snuggle anymore. Or because they never got the chance. Or because that baby that they were going to snuggle the heck out of passed onto heaven before it was time. Or because they once had that baby here but now he/she is one of God’s angels watching over us. I’m quickly reminded that I am one of the lucky ones. I’m reminded to never ever take one second for granted because God chose me to be her sweet Mama & she deserves the absolute best of the best. 

Sure – the days are long & hard, but the years are very short. My baby will be three this year. THREE! How is that even possible?! How did 3 years pass by so quickly? I don’t even want to think about it. 

Happy Mother’s Day, Mamas! Whether you have a child here, in heaven, still longing to see those two pink lines, or never got the chance to have a child, you are all in my prayer tonight as I lay my weary head down for that much-needed rest. 



Surgery Date Scheduled ✅

Hooray for having a date for surgery & being able to scratch that off my mile-long list of things to do. I feel quite certain I’m the only one saying yay for surgery, but y’all, I’m just ready to get this thing over & done with. The End.

Of course, when it was finally our turn to see Dr. B last week, it was 5pm and everybody looked like they were ready to high-tail it out of there. No blaming them here; I just wanted to get this show on the road, which included scheduling the big day, finding out what pre-op things needed to be taken care of beforehand, etc. Well, most of that got accomplished {signing consent upon consent upon consent} – except the actual scheduling part. The “scheduler” had already gone for the day. Bummer! But, they DID say she’d call the next morning with a slew of dates for me to choose from. Holla!

Next, on the agenda – scheduling a pre-op with the ENT who will be assisting in surgery {since they have to go thru my nasal cavity}. I’m definitely asking him to clean out those nasty sinuses while they’re digging around in there. Couldn’t hurt, right?! Wrong! The asking part, no. But the other, YESSS! Then, a pre-op with my PCP to do all that normal before-surgery jazz {EKG, labs, etc.}

Dr. B said if there is still bone left in there, they will break it to get to the tumor. Ouch! He also made sure to let me know that when I finally wake up, my nose & face are going to hurt like HELL! My goodness, go on and sugarcoat it, amiright?! Ha, no I definitely knew it wasn’t going to be a walk-in-the-park but it’s something that needs to happen. He went on to say that my nose will feel like a tampon (or 2)  has been shoved up there so no breathing out the ole honker for a while. Ugh, I’ve gotta be one of those mouth-breathers. You know who I’m talking about. 😏

Now on to the “best” part – recovery. 😣 I have to sleep sitting up for, wait for it – 6 WHOLE WEEKS – to reduce the risk of a CSF leak. Joy, oh joy! I have no clue how I’m going to accomplish this, but it’s definitely going to have to happen because the complications are not so good.

June 15th can’t get here fast enough! I’m sure I’ll be kicking myself for saying that a few days before, but right now, I’m just ready, Freddy! Now, if I could only get a plastic surgeon to get in on this game plan & take off these 20 lbs of boobs I’m dealing with. Just kidding, but really! I’ll even be willing to donate. 😝

So that’s that. Haven’t had my other 2 appts yet bc I need everything to be at least 6 weeks or less before actual surgery.

I’ll keep ya posted!



Happy Easter! and A Little Extra…

Today was such a great family day despite the nagging headache I had. You know those kind that are right on the temple but kinda above the eye too? Ugh, the absolute worst.

R had so much fun checking out what the bunny brought her this morning. Of course, all she was REALLY interested in was the candy, which I didn’t get much of because I knew she’d get it elsewhere. However, that’s all she ate for breakfast. 😳 Yep, I’m THAT mom. Not really, but I was also trying to pick my battles. That wasn’t one I was interested in fighting. Plus, I was attempting to get my corn pudding in the oven while ironing clothes, etc. So, jelly beans for breakfast it was. Followed by a small lunch {huge for everybody else though} at Mimi & Papa’s and more candy, cupcakes, and other dessert. My sweet MIL made strawberry pie! 😳 I literally could’ve eaten the whole thing by myself & had no shame. It was AHH-MAZING!

Hey, it’s really only one day a year she gets to do this so go ahead & indulge, my child and that’s exactly what she did. Which probably explains why she was up til 11pm watching her videos. “Shake It Off” {by Tay Tay} came on. She literally stood up in my bed & said “Mommy watch, I shake it.” T & I just shook our heads. This girl’s gonna be somethin’ y’all. She loves to shake her booty. 😂

In other news, I go for my final MRI {before surgery} tomorrow. Followed by an appt with my surgeon on Tuesday, to discuss the results & how all this surgery business is gonna go down. Last we talked, he said most probably shooting for May. Whoo Hoo! I am so ready to be done with this. Get the tumor out, clean out my sinuses while you’re digging in there, and hopefully these nasty headaches will resolve, which means less medication! Another Whoo Hoo!

So that’s where we sit right now. Still not sure of a definite date but that will probably be decided on Tuesday. I know this one’s short & not my regular jam, but just wanted to quickly update those who I haven’t spoken too recently.

Much love, my dear friends.


The Most Beautiful Flower Girl That Ever Was

Last weekend was one of the funnest {that’s a word, right?} weddings I’ve been to in a long time. T officiated, Reesey was the sweetest flower girl, and well, I was just me. 

She and the little ring bearer were just so precious, even if they refused to walk together & we (the mamas) had to accompany them. It was truly the sweetest ceremony and the reception was a blast! Reesey danced until she could dance no more. And when she started getting sleepy, she’d take a bite out of a cake ball {which were AHHH-MAZING by the way} and keep on going. She danced with her daddy, her papa, her Uncle Fluffy, and of course, stole the show in every way possible. 

Cheers to Kayla & Jeff! To a lifetime of love & tons of happiness and laughs.