this is my life now and I couldn’t possibly love it more â¤ï¸

Hay Maze Festival 2016 at LSU Ag Ctr Botanical Gardens {cue ‘the stink eye’ Reesey Girl}
Reesey Girl says, “You don’t put Lucky Charms in the dishwasher, too? Who are you?!” 😝

We have been so crazy busy lately! New friends, old friends, mucho family time, play dates, fun trips to the pumpkin patch, just generally enjoying life & making those sweet sweet memories. And the best part, we can play outside in this oh-so-gorgeous fall-like weather & not feel the trickle of sweat down our back… or butt-crack. 🙈 Praise the Lawd!

I must mention that I absolutely love this season that my Reesey Girl is in now, too. Well, not the waking at all hours of the night but my poor girl’s 2 yr molars are coming in like a hurricane and she’s MISERABLE. So, we do what we have to do to survive right now & if that means extra snuggles & sleeping in bed with mama and daddy, I’m in! I’ve had so many mama friends remind me lately that this won’t last forever. And that couldn’t be more true.

Of course, I hate that she’s growing up & becoming so independent now, but I also LOVE it at the same time. She’s so funny to listen to & watch; I can’t help but giggle. She picks up on EVERYTHING! She’s got ‘the stink eye’ down to a T & doesn’t care who sees her giving it either. A little too much of her mama in her I suppose. And her newest phrases: “Aww shoot!” (hey, better than the alternative, right?!) “Oh, wow!”, “Yeah, sure.” and “I love you, too, Mama.” Nothing makes my heart burst more! ❤️

As the holidays are quickly approaching & all the hustle and bustle begins, I’ve been on my A game with this planning business – deciding on a Halloween costume {which will be super fun this year because she can walk}, planning to attend all these fun fall/winter festivities, making her birthday and Christmas lists & realizing just how broke we’ll be after all is said & done. I absolutely can’t wait to watch her open presents this year because every time we get a package in the mail, she squeals with delight while she’s helping me open it and exclaims “A treat, a treat!” Sister knows what “treats” are. Mama’s got her trained!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. Nap time is underway for my little priss & I’m about to join The ShutEye Party, too.





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