Just call me the Procrastinating Procrastinator…

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since Halloween. 😳 So much has happened lately – well I mean, life has happened. Duh?! I don’t really have time to myself anymore because I officially have a TWO YEAR OLD! How did THAT happen again? It feels like yesterday we were bringing her home & I was literally scared sh*tless.

Oh my little Sassy Frassy. She has to be in all the things, all the time. {Examples: slathering Vicks all over her face, in her hair, the carpet, you get my drift. Taking the toothpaste & squeezing it all on the floor of her closet & her little music table in her room.} Wahh, wahhh, wahhh! And it’s at the “MOST convenient” times, too. Like when I’m trying my hardest to hurry & get us dressed and out the door for an appointment, play date, StoryTime, etc.

Oh yeah, getting dressed. Hmmm, THAT’S  a nightmare these days. πŸ˜‘ I kind of want to just scream. I guess that’s where my anxiety takes over. Tommy keeps telling me to just chill and remember she’s a 2 year old and all she wants to do is her thing right now. {Pssssttt, she has you fooled, Hubby. She’s smart as a whip & she’s testing you.} She doesn’t want to stop for a diaper change or to get dressed or anything else I want her to do. It has to be on HER time. Oh dear Lord, it’s starting already, huh?! Just made 2, going on 15. Yikes!

So let’s see… we had her birthday, Thanksgiving, and if I don’t finish my post, Christmas will pass us on by, too.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Reesey Girl! 🎈

We had a tee tiny get-together with JUST family this year for her birthday. Just cake & ice cream. I said NO PRESENTS because, well, have you seen our living room. It looks like it could be an aisle in Toys R Us!  But you know presents had to happen. Of course, we got her a few “Big Girl” things. Mimi & Papa did too, as well as her Honey & Poppie and other close family. I just didn’t want anybody to feel obligated. My child is blessed beyond belief  & gets the main satisfaction out of opening packages whether they are true presents or Mama’s “treats” that come in the mail. Her expressions & words are priceless! As terrible as the two’s have been & can be, I literally want to bottle her up and stay in this stage forever. She’s much fun, so loving, and I become a big sappy pile of mush when she says “I love you, Mama” and wraps those arms ever-so-tightly around my neck. I think I cry every time  – bc I know a day will come when she slams doors in my face, etc.

And then there was Thanksgiving – πŸ‚πŸƒπŸ

We are so grateful and blessed that we got to spend the day with BOTH of our families. We traveled a bunch, but at least we were with those we loved the most. We started the day at my cousin’s new house in Ponchatoula for lunch & ended the day with my in-laws for supper. We had enough food to feed an army & were surrounded with tons of love & fun.

And now Christmas is right around the corner – πŸŽ„πŸŽ

We’ve already taken part in a few Christmas events around the area {ZCL’s Grinchmas Party} & plan to do a few more before the big day comes. Tomorrow, our little town has their Christmas parade that we plan to go to. It’s going to be so chilly {thank goodness} but Reesey Girl had such a great time last year that we definitely can’t miss. Next week is Donuts with Santa {put on by Red Stick Mom’s Blog}. I didn’t realize I talked about it a lot, but every time I mention Santa, Reesey asks for donuts. She will finally get her wish in a few days! This year has truly been one of the best with my little sidekick. Her eyes light up at the Christmas decorations in the neighborhood & she gets so excited. I truly can’t wait to see her face on Christmas morning. She is such a joy!






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