As I Sit Here Alone…

Ahhh, peace and quiet. That is quite rare in this household these days. Mostly, I never get to experience it because I’m sleeping myself. But tonight, tonight is different. All I can hear is the occasional hum of the ceiling fan here in the living room & my sweet girl’s noise machine in the distance. 

The hubs is so exhausted from work {which is only about to get worse 😣 with the upcoming chaotic schedule of the outage} – that I finally told him at around 9pm to go to bed. I would bathe & put Reesey to sleep myself tonight. {SIDE NOTE: We took a crazy late nap today & woke up around 6:30pm so I wasn’t quite sure when bedtime would come for her.} We had a fun girls night though! Took our baths, got into our jammies, read book after book after book, played “check-up” {doctor, with her Doc McStuffins doctor kit} ate popcorn, and she even helped me tidy up her room a little. #winning 

Even though we napped late, the eye-rubbing & gathering of her beloved “Tig” and “Pumpky” started around 10:30, which is the norm for her now. I’m a stay at home mom so we don’t typically do schedules around here. When you’re sleepy, we go to sleep. There’s no reason for me to force her to sleep at 9pm only to wake at 6am. That would only make for one grumpy kid & one grumpier mama. At some point during the night/early morning hours she usually calls out for me to which I get her & we go jump in the guest bed for the remainder of the night. This lets us both sleep in til about 9/930ish. I’m encouraging bad habits, you say? Well, this may be my only baby {because I’m not doing all those crazy fertility treatments again, etc.} and they’re only this little once. There will come a time when she doesn’t want me to snuggle with her anymore but right now is not that time & for now, I will soak it all up. 

I rarely get this late-at-night mama time alone in the darkness with my {other} cuddle bug, Cookie, who has appeared to conk out on me already. 

Yes, my living room is a disaster with toys strewn all over the place and I’m sitting here blogging away with not a care in the world. But, I can & will clean tomorrow. Right now is for me. For me to gather my thoughts & jot them down, make my to-do list for tomorrow, catch up on reading, think of DIY projects I would love to do to the house but never have the time, etc.

I grabbed my favorite salad, made a cup of hot tea, and settled down on the couch under my most-comfy blanket. I really hope I don’t fall asleep here myself or the hubs will probably wake up in a panic when he doesn’t feel me beside him. Or he could just sleep the night away & not realize I was even missing. {hehe, probably the latter.}

Sitting here by myself kinda reminds me of the times he worked all those long nights {when he was an LEO} and it was just me. I couldn’t sleep {a lot of the time} scared to death I was going to get a knock at the door telling me the worst had happened. Thank you, dear Jesus, for putting him in another work environment. It eases all of our minds & helps us to rest a little easier at night. 

Now I’ve rambled on long enough that my sleepy eyes are starting to close so I guess that means bedtime for me, too. I’m sure my princess will be waking in an hour or two for me to go get her. 





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