And So It Begins.

The dreaded outage. Where Tommy works 6 12’s. Where we barely see him. The one that every wife/significant other *HATES* with a screaming passion but secretly loves the paycheck. Where I become a single parent for what feels like forever because we get jerked around by being told the end date is this day. Then, oh no, we changed our minds. It’s gonna be this day. Nope, the sh** hit the fan. But we promise it’s this date. Blah, blah, blah! We’ll see what fun this one has to bring. My MIL & I both get to complain to each other because T & his dad both work at the same plant.

I know I’m complaining & sounding like a spoiled little brat but this only comes around every 2 years. {Yep, you got that right. Last time this happened, Reesey was a newborn. Talk about pull my hair out, wanna die, cry, all of the above, etc.} I did cry though. Every.Single.Night he left us. Probably the PPD talking but IT WAS AWFUL! PURE HELL! 

This go round, I’m hoping for a much smoother time. Reesey is older now & so easy to care for. Well, as sassy as they come but hey, I can deal with that. She gets it honest. 😂

Night #1 – complete! {without any meltdowns} HOLLA! #parentingwin

Off to sleep now because you know my princess requires her mama to come snuggle her at some point during the night. ☺️





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