Happy Valentine’s Day! 

We had a great little day yesterday, just Reesey & Mommy. We only saw T. for a few hours that morning before we left out for a Valentine Playgroup party. Reesey loved playing with her little friends & enjoyed all the treats, as well as the crafts. Anything that involves stickers is totally her jam. It was nice to visit with my other Mommy friends as well since we haven’t been able to do that in awhile. 

By the time we returned home, Reesey was conked out in her car seat & it was almost time for T. to leave for work. Le sigh, I feel like we never see him anymore. A few hours each morning & then if I choose to stay up past midnight, I’ll maybe get another 30 minutes before I start sawing logs on the pillow next to him. 

Anyway, Reesey & I had a great little Valentine’s night. We ate homemade chocolate chip cookies, read tons of books, watched a million episodes of Peppa & just enjoyed snuggling. I sure do love my little cuddlebug! 

(photo cred: Tess Ricketts Photography) The best photographer/friend in the whole wide everything!) 





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