Excuse Me, My Dear: 

A post about rants:

I’m tired of attending pitty parties. We’re all grown-ups in this big world. We’re all doing life together. Sometimes it sucks like a mofo, but ya know what? You just get back up & try again the next day. Sometimes you will succeed at whatever it is & sometimes you’ll fail. That’s all part of it, my dear.

 I get it – I really do. Adulting is hard & most nights at 10:30 {Reesey’s new bedtime she made for herself 🙄}, I just want to close my pretty little eyes & block out everything. Mom’ing is exceptionally hard, especially during this season we’re going through. But ya know what, it’s my favorite – it’s so fun to watch her adventure thru life & pave her own path, figure out things on her own, develop an imagination beyond my wildest dreams, etc. Ok, I’m getting off track — 

But ya know who gets the most satisfaction from your pitty parties? The devil! And that’s def NOT who we’re striving to please. 

I’m so sick and tired of living my life trying to please others & worrying if they’ll be mad because of this, that, and the other. I’m such a people pleaser, though. That’s just who I am & this is something I love to do. {well, most of the time anyway.} I’ve come to accept the fact that not everyone is going to be 💯 percent happy with me for whatever reason. But in turn, I have to do what is best for me & my little family. After all, they are who I live for. Number 2 only to my God. 

Get it, got it, good! Now carry on with regularly scheduled life. 

In other news, my little sissy surprised Reesey & I with a random visit this afternoon/evening. Great times were had. Just a quick stop in our local children’s consignment boutique {where we found some fab stuff} & a quick dinner at Zaxby’s, my favorite of all chicken places. Tommy begs to differ. He actually hates it for whatever reason but yay, it was just the girls & kiddos {as he was at work}. We said our goodbyes before the littles got super cray so we could get them home & in bed. My heart is full! ❤️





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