People Are Legit Crazy! 🤡

And I’m just over here, all happy go lucky – minding my own business, keeping to myself, doing mama things because that’s what we, mamas, do. And I wake up to this random text message {6 page text message, mind you} from a so-called friend who is suffering from an illness but goes off on me because I haven’t been by to see her and/or check on her. Darlin, I see your posts on the FB where you say you can hardly get off the couch some days & you’re sh*tting your pants most of the time so you’ve started wearing Depends. Ok, maybe I’m wrong but I want no one {I repeat NO ONE} seeing me like that, except my husband who’s seen it all.

Let’s back up a bit, shall we? We recently attended a Valentine’s Day party for our littles at a sweet friend’s house. First things first – I didn’t know where her house was so I’m creeping down the street {but she also lives in a new, up & coming neighborhood so there’s no one really riding the streets.} I felt creeping along was ok. I’m also admiring all the beautiful houses they have/are building because we’ve pretty much decided this is our next stop in the home buying journey. Such a great establishment with plenty to do, beautiful houses, and overall just a great place to continue raising our little family. {k, now that the back story is told…}

I look up to see that I’m getting honked at  – with hands all flying in the air like WHOA. Umm, wahhhht was that?! She flys into a parking spot like freakin Cruella Deville, grabs the kid out the car, and proceeds to run in. No saying hi to us, waiting for us to all walk in together because by this time I had to park at our friend’s neighbors house. NBD to us as we love walking & it was a nice breezy day. That, my friend’s, was the first red flag. 📍Whatev, I have bigger fish to fry so I don’t let myself get worked up with petty s**t. Inside, homegirl does not say a word! All of my mama friends are casually talking while keeping an eye on the littles, having great conversation as I have not seen most of them in quite some time. {Reesey’s crazy sleep/nap schedule is to blame for that.} I’m sure one day we’ll get back on track, but for now I’m just enjoying the extra snuggles. By this time, I’m so enveloped in watching Reesey & making sure she’s minding her manners that I’m not even bothered by what’s going on. Homegirl literally avoids me at all costs & summons her child to stay away from me as well. Second red flag! 📍WTH?!

Well, being the person I am, I still went up to her & offered to watch her little girl while she rested, etc. Her little girl adores me {for some reason – prob more than my own kid} so if she dropped her off with me for a bit, I think the girls would have a great time & that would give her time to rest & recoop. She nodded a little “thank you” but then not long after, gathered her things & left. No good bye, nothing.

I had even told her when I got there that I brought her a little “get well happy” with me today because we haven’t been able to meet up lately. Didn’t get that either, but then later bashed me in THE text message belittling me because I didn’t bring it to her house. Wow! Well, now I’ll just keep it for my own, I suppose.

Please tell me if I’m wrong here. My child naps from 1:30ish to 3:30ish or 4. Give or take some depending on when she goes down. You can’t get your feelings hurt if you always want to go to the park, play date, etc. in the hours my child is napping so I have to repeatedly say no. I am NOT waking her up just to go play. She’s too much like her mama in that this girl loves her sleep. In my opinion, maybe that happened a few times too many for her liking & she thought I was avoiding her. I dunno anymore. She should know me better than that though. {Le sigh}

I guess this all boils down to these facts: we both have young kids who need naps during the day. Mine naps at a different time from hers. I’m not going to be that kind that HAS to do something everyday. We’re quite content in our own little home. Reesey doesn’t like leaving the house a lot of the time. I work around her. If I absolutely must, then yes, we go. But everyday – a planned scheduled activity – that’s a little over the top {for us anyway}.

Please give me some insight on how you would handle things. But for now, the wound is still open & kinda raw. Well, as I typed that, I’m thinking no – really, I just shrugged it off because that just goes to show me how cray cray & ignorant she really is.




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