The Simple Things

Today was an amazing day, even though Tommy only had a few short hours with us before he had to go back to work.

Since the big park didn’t work out yesterday, we decided we were definitely bringing Reesey to the one within walking distance of our house. The weather was absolutely fantastic! And our girl enjoyed the heck out of herself blowing bubbles with her humongous bubble wand, bouncing from one thing to another, and running around like a crazy girl. We even brought Cookie on our little adventure & of course, she loved every second of running wide open!

I think our girl wore herself out because she literally passed out when we got home. Even said, “Mama I tired.” I just love her so much!

Super exciting news: Tommy said only about 2 more weeks of this outage! While I usually take these comments with a grain of salt because they are NEVER finished when they say they are, I truly think it’ll be 2-3 more weeks, maybe 4. Eeeekkkk, yay for a normal schedule again & for seeing him a little more than a few hours here & there.

And last but not least – we welcomed a new addition to our family this past week!

Congrats to my awesome sister-in-law {and brother-in-law} for having this big bundle of love au naturale. She’s such an amazing mama! We ❤️ her big! Baby Jacob is half the size of my little Reesey. But that’s ok – that just means she has double protection with him and big brother, James.





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