Happy Easter! and A Little Extra…

Today was such a great family day despite the nagging headache I had. You know those kind that are right on the temple but kinda above the eye too? Ugh, the absolute worst.

R had so much fun checking out what the bunny brought her this morning. Of course, all she was REALLY interested in was the candy, which I didn’t get much of because I knew she’d get it elsewhere. However, that’s all she ate for breakfast. 😳 Yep, I’m THAT mom. Not really, but I was also trying to pick my battles. That wasn’t one I was interested in fighting. Plus, I was attempting to get my corn pudding in the oven while ironing clothes, etc. So, jelly beans for breakfast it was. Followed by a small lunch {huge for everybody else though} at Mimi & Papa’s and more candy, cupcakes, and other dessert. My sweet MIL made strawberry pie! 😳 I literally could’ve eaten the whole thing by myself & had no shame. It was AHH-MAZING!

Hey, it’s really only one day a year she gets to do this so go ahead & indulge, my child and that’s exactly what she did. Which probably explains why she was up til 11pm watching her videos. “Shake It Off” {by Tay Tay} came on. She literally stood up in my bed & said “Mommy watch, I shake it.” T & I just shook our heads. This girl’s gonna be somethin’ y’all. She loves to shake her booty. 😂

In other news, I go for my final MRI {before surgery} tomorrow. Followed by an appt with my surgeon on Tuesday, to discuss the results & how all this surgery business is gonna go down. Last we talked, he said most probably shooting for May. Whoo Hoo! I am so ready to be done with this. Get the tumor out, clean out my sinuses while you’re digging in there, and hopefully these nasty headaches will resolve, which means less medication! Another Whoo Hoo!

So that’s where we sit right now. Still not sure of a definite date but that will probably be decided on Tuesday. I know this one’s short & not my regular jam, but just wanted to quickly update those who I haven’t spoken too recently.

Much love, my dear friends.




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