Happy Muver’s Day, Mama! 

My hubby had the best morning planned out. But we all know what happens when plans are made. 🙄

R woke up at 3ish this morning wanting “mama snuggles” so we both jumped in the guest bed & snuggled up. Then, “Mama, milk please.” Happens every.single.time. 😂So I stumble out of bed, fumble around for my glasses, put on my slippers {I’m crazy weird & MUST have shoes on when I’m walking around}, and sleepily trudge down the hallway.

Then, I hear “Mama, wait for me!” Happens {almost} every.single.time. 😂 I’m really not sure why because once I pick her up, she instantly snuggles into my neck and falls back asleep. Here we go, into the cabinet to get a sippy, one-handedly pouring the milk {thank goodness it wasn’t a full gallon}, screw sippy lid on, return milk to fridge, and we’re on our way back to bed. I lay R down on “her” pillow & hand her her milk. “Table” she says. 😳 Meaning, oh I just wanted you to go get it but put it on the table in case I want it the second you get comfy & close your super tired eyes. Every.single.time. 

This kid is such a diva, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Ya know, my Mother’s Day wouldn’t have been my normal if I would’ve slept all through the night til like 9 or 10. Sure, sometimes I silently scream for those nights where she won’t wake at all & sleep on soundly til morning. But I’m quickly reminded that this is the gift I prayed for. For days, months, years. I cried millions of tears because I would do anything for a baby. I’m reminded that I’m living my dream. I’m reminded that it’s the absolute BEST feeling in the whole world to get back in bed and cuddle her as we both drift off. To feel her warm baby breath on me & smell her sweet hair as I whisper, “Mama’s here. You can go back to sleep.” I’m reminded that some mamas are hurting this very second because they don’t have that baby to snuggle anymore. Or because they never got the chance. Or because that baby that they were going to snuggle the heck out of passed onto heaven before it was time. Or because they once had that baby here but now he/she is one of God’s angels watching over us. I’m quickly reminded that I am one of the lucky ones. I’m reminded to never ever take one second for granted because God chose me to be her sweet Mama & she deserves the absolute best of the best. 

Sure – the days are long & hard, but the years are very short. My baby will be three this year. THREE! How is that even possible?! How did 3 years pass by so quickly? I don’t even want to think about it. 

Happy Mother’s Day, Mamas! Whether you have a child here, in heaven, still longing to see those two pink lines, or never got the chance to have a child, you are all in my prayer tonight as I lay my weary head down for that much-needed rest. 





Mama to my brood of one tiny human baby & 3 furbabies| Wifey to my Tommy| Lover of Jesus| Blogger| Coffee Addict| Stationary Hoarder| Crafter| Reader| Avid napper

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