Surgery Update – Taking Another Route

Well, today I got a phone call that I totally wasn’t expecting. Dr. B’s office called to inform me that instead of going through my nose, that he would be opening up my initial shunt entry {which is on the top of my head}. 😳

{insert huge gasp} First, Dr. B said upon looking deeper into my scans, he noticed that my shunt is embedded INTO my pituitary. So, he’s going to attempt to remove it which could be creating the mass that’s there as well as the tumor. However, this doesn’t quite relieve me from possibly having to have a second surgery. Hopefully not, but it’s still a possibility. 

I had to catch myself because I wanted to shout, “Well, s***!” So I won’t be getting my sinuses cleaned out after all as this was the part I was most looking forward to. 

So how will they do this? Well, since they have to go through the top, they will have to shave my head & go through the bone. NOT all of my hair hopefully or I will be going into hiding or becoming a hermit for several months. I’m unsure because the “nice” lady delivering this news was very brief and not of the friendly type. Plus, I was driving in BR to my urologist so I was very unprepared to ask questions & she kinda caught me off-guard. 

On the flip side, I’m hoping recovery will be a tad bit easier regarding sleeping. I dont know why that’s bothering me so much, but it is. Who wants to sleep sitting up for SIX WHOLE WEEKS, raise your hand?! Not this chick I can tell ya that. 

So who knows. But ya know what? It’s all in my Father’s hands & I have full faith that He will carry me through this however that may be. This is in His plan & His will be done. 

*Note: if you’re finding out this information  now thru FB & I didn’t call you, please,  please, please don’t be upset. I literally only told my husband & my mother-in-law {who was keeping Reese today}. I thought this would be the best way to reach everyone keeping up with my story & keep you all aware. 





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