Brain Surgery ✅  AND Blessed Beyond Measure

For all those wondering & waiting for an update, wait no longer!

Surgery was Thursday, June 29th {as most of you know} & here we are, a little over 2 weeks later. Yes, it’s taken me that long to find a little time to sit down & put my thoughts on a page, or a screen rather.   And, I literally feel amazing! No more headaches {well, besides some here & there but nothing I’m going to complain about} & no more lactation! Praise the Lort! The worst ever was being in public, looking down, and noticing a HUGE wet spot on your shirt. “Oh, you breastfeed. How olds your little one?! 3, she’s freakin 3!” #cleanuponAisleNursingPad 😳

I literally wanted to get up & throw my arms around Dr. B for working his magic. 🙌🏻 He may not have the best bedside manner sometimes but he definitely knew what he was doing in the ole noggin dept.

Now, hopefully I can begin to eliminate some of this medication.

I’m still in awe that I was discharged home the, like less than 24 hours later. It was literally amazing!

Now, the recovery part in the hospital wasn’t all daffodils and roses because well, they cut open my scalp & repositioned my shunt, but it was way better than I expected. I even have a little shaved out “racetrack” going down my head. Upon waking up in recovery, I literally felt like I had just been slammed in the head with a hammer {more than a few times}. Once I got up on my own though & the anesthesia wore off, I felt pretty decent. I just wanted to sleep A LOT!

Once I got settled in my room, I felt my head & asked Tommy how bad it looked. “Take a picture of it for me to see.” “Umm how about we wait & do that tomorrow, not right now,” he said. Poor Tommy was so hesitant I was going to have a breakdown merely minutes after surgery because the only thing I was worried about the days leading up to surgery was my hair. I had had it shaved before {when I had my first tumor} and just take my word for it, people, I’m anything but cute when it comes to being bald.

Thank goodness Tommy took off a whole week – plus there was a holiday thrown  in there – so I was able to rest properly & not constantly worry about Reesey. I truly believe this helped a ton.

We cannot thank our oh-so-special friends & family enough for all the love they showed us, whether it was through prayer, coming to check in on us, dropping by with supper, sending flowers/cards, etc. We truly were blessed with the best of the best! ❤️

Now, here’s to hoping {and praying} my lab work in a month shows no abnormal activity, another MRI won’t be required AND the mass on my pituitary gland has mysteriously resolved itself. If all the stars aline then a second surgery isn’t in the future. As always, I know this is all in His hands & He will walk with me always, whether this is all said & done or another surgery is in the works. ❤️





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