The Simple Things

Today was an amazing day, even though Tommy only had a few short hours with us before he had to go back to work.

Since the big park didn’t work out yesterday, we decided we were definitely bringing Reesey to the one within walking distance of our house. The weather was absolutely fantastic! And our girl enjoyed the heck out of herself blowing bubbles with her humongous bubble wand, bouncing from one thing to another, and running around like a crazy girl. We even brought Cookie on our little adventure & of course, she loved every second of running wide open!

I think our girl wore herself out because she literally passed out when we got home. Even said, “Mama I tired.” I just love her so much!

Super exciting news: Tommy said only about 2 more weeks of this outage! While I usually take these comments with a grain of salt because they are NEVER finished when they say they are, I truly think it’ll be 2-3 more weeks, maybe 4. Eeeekkkk, yay for a normal schedule again & for seeing him a little more than a few hours here & there.

And last but not least – we welcomed a new addition to our family this past week!

Congrats to my awesome sister-in-law {and brother-in-law} for having this big bundle of love au naturale. She’s such an amazing mama! We ❀️ her big! Baby Jacob is half the size of my little Reesey. But that’s ok – that just means she has double protection with him and big brother, James.




People Are Legit Crazy! πŸ€‘

And I’m just over here, all happy go lucky – minding my own business, keeping to myself, doing mama things because that’s what we, mamas, do. And I wake up to this random text message {6 page text message, mind you} from a so-called friend who is suffering from an illness but goes off on me because I haven’t been by to see her and/or check on her. Darlin, I see your posts on the FB where you say you can hardly get off the couch some days & you’re sh*tting your pants most of the time so you’ve started wearing Depends. Ok, maybe I’m wrong but I want no one {I repeat NO ONE} seeing me like that, except my husband who’s seen it all.

Let’s back up a bit, shall we? We recently attended a Valentine’s Day party for our littles at a sweet friend’s house. First things first – I didn’t know where her house was so I’m creeping down the street {but she also lives in a new, up & coming neighborhood so there’s no one really riding the streets.} I felt creeping along was ok. I’m also admiring all the beautiful houses they have/are building because we’ve pretty much decided this is our next stop in the home buying journey. Such a great establishment with plenty to do, beautiful houses, and overall just a great place to continue raising our little family. {k, now that the back story is told…}

I look up to see that I’m getting honked at Β – with hands all flying in the air like WHOA. Umm, wahhhht was that?! She flys into a parking spot like freakin Cruella Deville, grabs the kid out the car, and proceeds to run in. No saying hi to us, waiting for us to all walk in together because by this time I had to park at our friend’s neighbors house. NBD to us as we love walking & it was a nice breezy day. That, my friend’s, was the first red flag. πŸ“Whatev, I have bigger fish to fry so I don’t let myself get worked up with petty s**t. Inside, homegirl does not say a word! All of my mama friends are casually talking while keeping an eye on the littles, having great conversation as I have not seen most of them in quite some time. {Reesey’s crazy sleep/nap schedule is to blame for that.} I’m sure one day we’ll get back on track, but for now I’m just enjoying the extra snuggles. By this time, I’m so enveloped in watching Reesey & making sure she’s minding her manners that I’m not even bothered by what’s going on. Homegirl literally avoids me at all costs & summons her child to stay away from me as well. Second red flag! πŸ“WTH?!

Well, being the person I am, I still went up to her & offered to watch her little girl while she rested, etc. Her little girl adores me {for some reason – prob more than my own kid} so if she dropped her off with me for a bit, I think the girls would have a great time & that would give her time to rest & recoop. She nodded a little “thank you” but then not long after, gathered her things & left. No good bye, nothing.

I had even told her when I got there that I brought her a little “get well happy” with me today because we haven’t been able to meet up lately. Didn’t get that either, but then later bashed me in THE text message belittling me because I didn’t bring it to her house. Wow! Well, now I’ll just keep it for my own, I suppose.

Please tell me if I’m wrong here. My child naps from 1:30ish to 3:30ish or 4. Give or take some depending on when she goes down. You can’t get your feelings hurt if you always want to go to the park, play date, etc. in the hours my child is napping so I have to repeatedly say no. I am NOT waking her up just to go play. She’s too much like her mama in that this girl loves her sleep. In my opinion, maybe that happened a few times too many for her liking & she thought I was avoiding her. I dunno anymore. She should know me better than that though. {Le sigh}

I guess this all boils down to these facts: we both have young kids who need naps during the day. Mine naps at a different time from hers. I’m not going to be that kind that HAS to do something everyday. We’re quite content in our own little home. Reesey doesn’t like leaving the house a lot of the time. I work around her. If I absolutely must, then yes, we go. But everyday – a planned scheduled activity – that’s a little over the top {for us anyway}.

Please give me some insight on how you would handle things. But for now, the wound is still open & kinda raw. Well, as I typed that, I’m thinking no – really, I just shrugged it off because that just goes to show me how cray cray & ignorant she really is.


Excuse Me, My Dear:Β 

A post about rants:

I’m tired of attending pitty parties. We’re all grown-ups in this big world. We’re all doing life together. Sometimes it sucks like a mofo, but ya know what? You just get back up & try again the next day. Sometimes you will succeed at whatever it is & sometimes you’ll fail. That’s all part of it, my dear.

 I get it – I really do. Adulting is hard & most nights at 10:30 {Reesey’s new bedtime she made for herself πŸ™„}, I just want to close my pretty little eyes & block out everything. Mom’ing is exceptionally hard, especially during this season we’re going through. But ya know what, it’s my favorite – it’s so fun to watch her adventure thru life & pave her own path, figure out things on her own, develop an imagination beyond my wildest dreams, etc. Ok, I’m getting off track — 

But ya know who gets the most satisfaction from your pitty parties? The devil! And that’s def NOT who we’re striving to please. 

I’m so sick and tired of living my life trying to please others & worrying if they’ll be mad because of this, that, and the other. I’m such a people pleaser, though. That’s just who I am & this is something I love to do. {well, most of the time anyway.} I’ve come to accept the fact that not everyone is going to be πŸ’― percent happy with me for whatever reason. But in turn, I have to do what is best for me & my little family. After all, they are who I live for. Number 2 only to my God. 

Get it, got it, good! Now carry on with regularly scheduled life. 

In other news, my little sissy surprised Reesey & I with a random visit this afternoon/evening. Great times were had. Just a quick stop in our local children’s consignment boutique {where we found some fab stuff} & a quick dinner at Zaxby’s, my favorite of all chicken places. Tommy begs to differ. He actually hates it for whatever reason but yay, it was just the girls & kiddos {as he was at work}. We said our goodbyes before the littles got super cray so we could get them home & in bed. My heart is full! ❀️



Happy Valentine’s Day!Β 

We had a great little day yesterday, just Reesey & Mommy. We only saw T. for a few hours that morning before we left out for a Valentine Playgroup party. Reesey loved playing with her little friends & enjoyed all the treats, as well as the crafts. Anything that involves stickers is totally her jam. It was nice to visit with my other Mommy friends as well since we haven’t been able to do that in awhile. 

By the time we returned home, Reesey was conked out in her car seat & it was almost time for T. to leave for work. Le sigh, I feel like we never see him anymore. A few hours each morning & then if I choose to stay up past midnight, I’ll maybe get another 30 minutes before I start sawing logs on the pillow next to him. 

Anyway, Reesey & I had a great little Valentine’s night. We ate homemade chocolate chip cookies, read tons of books, watched a million episodes of Peppa & just enjoyed snuggling. I sure do love my little cuddlebug! 

(photo cred: Tess Ricketts Photography) The best photographer/friend in the whole wide everything!) 



The Best Day

Well, the best day since T’s outage has begun. 

Saturday’s are his one & only off day for the week. Blah, right. Today was so beautiful that we were NOT spending it indoors. Plus, the weather was warm. Go figure. πŸ™„

We started the day out with cinnamon rolls {and extra icing of course.} A little playtime outside with a good cup of coffee, our furbabies {as Zoey loves a good game of fetch}, and my other two loves does something to the soul, something real, real good. Followed by a spur-of-the-moment decision to go to the zoo! Reesey could hardly contain her excitement! She’s in love with animals & couldn’t wait to see the “raffs” {giraffes} & “efants” {elephants} although we don’t have elephants anymore at our local zoo. πŸ˜” A few died & the others were transferred to other zoos to be with friends. Such a sad situation. 

The weather the whole day was just perfect! A little breezy & not too warm. As we were leaving, we started to feel a few raindrops. Perfect timing – but then it never rained. We buckled up and headed home because we were all tuckered out. I had a feeling Reesey would fall asleep on the way home & then not continue her nap at home. Thank goodness I was wrong because I was exhausted as well. I jumped in bed with her, cuddled up, and we all took a long siesta. We woke up just in time to go to our favorite little restaurant for an early supper & still had time to come home and do our {smallish} bonfire and roast marshmallows. Reesey had the time of her life! We bought her some glow sticks, a glow wand, and glow punch balloons so she could see & play in the dark. She was in legit HEAVEN! The fire was just enough & she was D-O-N-E. She was ready for a nice warm bath and a movie. We had pumped her up for a few days now about Trolls so we were glad the night allowed. Such a cute movie! 

Today was a definite success since the outage has begun. Best day ever! 



And So It Begins.

The dreaded outage. Where Tommy works 6 12’s. Where we barely see him. The one that every wife/significant other *HATES* with a screaming passion but secretly loves the paycheck. Where I become a single parent for what feels like forever because we get jerked around by being told the end date is this day. Then, oh no, we changed our minds. It’s gonna be this day. Nope, the sh** hit the fan. But we promise it’s this date. Blah, blah, blah! We’ll see what fun this one has to bring. My MIL & I both get to complain to each other because T & his dad both work at the same plant.

I know I’m complaining & sounding like a spoiled little brat but this only comes around every 2 years. {Yep, you got that right. Last time this happened, Reesey was a newborn. Talk about pull my hair out, wanna die, cry, all of the above, etc.} I did cry though. Every.Single.Night he left us. Probably the PPD talking but IT WAS AWFUL! PURE HELL! 

This go round, I’m hoping for a much smoother time. Reesey is older now & so easy to care for. Well, as sassy as they come but hey, I can deal with that. She gets it honest. πŸ˜‚

Night #1 – complete! {without any meltdowns} HOLLA! #parentingwin

Off to sleep now because you know my princess requires her mama to come snuggle her at some point during the night. ☺️



As I Sit Here Alone…

Ahhh, peace and quiet. That is quite rare in this household these days. Mostly, I never get to experience it because I’m sleeping myself. But tonight, tonight is different. All I can hear is the occasional hum of the ceiling fan here in the living room & my sweet girl’s noise machine in the distance. 

The hubs is so exhausted from work {which is only about to get worse 😣 with the upcoming chaotic schedule of the outage} – that I finally told him at around 9pm to go to bed. I would bathe & put Reesey to sleep myself tonight. {SIDE NOTE: We took a crazy late nap today & woke up around 6:30pm so I wasn’t quite sure when bedtime would come for her.} We had a fun girls night though! Took our baths, got into our jammies, read book after book after book, played “check-up” {doctor, with her Doc McStuffins doctor kit} ate popcorn, and she even helped me tidy up her room a little. #winning 

Even though we napped late, the eye-rubbing & gathering of her beloved “Tig” and “Pumpky” started around 10:30, which is the norm for her now. I’m a stay at home mom so we don’t typically do schedules around here. When you’re sleepy, we go to sleep. There’s no reason for me to force her to sleep at 9pm only to wake at 6am. That would only make for one grumpy kid & one grumpier mama. At some point during the night/early morning hours she usually calls out for me to which I get her & we go jump in the guest bed for the remainder of the night. This lets us both sleep in til about 9/930ish. I’m encouraging bad habits, you say? Well, this may be my only baby {because I’m not doing all those crazy fertility treatments again, etc.} and they’re only this little once. There will come a time when she doesn’t want me to snuggle with her anymore but right now is not that time & for now, I will soak it all up. 

I rarely get this late-at-night mama time alone in the darkness with my {other} cuddle bug, Cookie, who has appeared to conk out on me already. 

Yes, my living room is a disaster with toys strewn all over the place and I’m sitting here blogging away with not a care in the world. But, I can & will clean tomorrow. Right now is for me. For me to gather my thoughts & jot them down, make my to-do list for tomorrow, catch up on reading, think of DIY projects I would love to do to the house but never have the time, etc.

I grabbed my favorite salad, made a cup of hot tea, and settled down on the couch under my most-comfy blanket. I really hope I don’t fall asleep here myself or the hubs will probably wake up in a panic when he doesn’t feel me beside him. Or he could just sleep the night away & not realize I was even missing. {hehe, probably the latter.}

Sitting here by myself kinda reminds me of the times he worked all those long nights {when he was an LEO} and it was just me. I couldn’t sleep {a lot of the time} scared to death I was going to get a knock at the door telling me the worst had happened. Thank you, dear Jesus, for putting him in another work environment. It eases all of our minds & helps us to rest a little easier at night. 

Now I’ve rambled on long enough that my sleepy eyes are starting to close so I guess that means bedtime for me, too. I’m sure my princess will be waking in an hour or two for me to go get her. 



Just call me the Procrastinating Procrastinator…

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since Halloween. 😳 So much has happened lately – well I mean, life has happened. Duh?! I don’t really have time to myself anymore because I officially have a TWO YEAR OLD! How did THAT happen again? It feels like yesterday we were bringing her home & I was literally scared sh*tless.

Oh my little Sassy Frassy. She has to be in all the things, all the time. {Examples: slathering Vicks all over her face, in her hair, the carpet, you get my drift. Taking the toothpaste & squeezing it all on the floor of her closet & her little music table in her room.} Wahh, wahhh, wahhh! And it’s at the “MOST convenient” times, too. Like when I’m trying my hardest to hurry & get us dressed and out the door for an appointment, play date, StoryTime, etc.

Oh yeah, getting dressed. Hmmm, THAT’S  a nightmare these days. πŸ˜‘ I kind of want to just scream. I guess that’s where my anxiety takes over. Tommy keeps telling me to just chill and remember she’s a 2 year old and all she wants to do is her thing right now. {Pssssttt, she has you fooled, Hubby. She’s smart as a whip & she’s testing you.} She doesn’t want to stop for a diaper change or to get dressed or anything else I want her to do. It has to be on HER time. Oh dear Lord, it’s starting already, huh?! Just made 2, going on 15. Yikes!

So let’s see… we had her birthday, Thanksgiving, and if I don’t finish my post, Christmas will pass us on by, too.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Reesey Girl! 🎈

We had a tee tiny get-together with JUST family this year for her birthday. Just cake & ice cream. I said NO PRESENTS because, well, have you seen our living room. It looks like it could be an aisle in Toys R Us!  But you know presents had to happen. Of course, we got her a few “Big Girl” things. Mimi & Papa did too, as well as her Honey & Poppie and other close family. I just didn’t want anybody to feel obligated. My child is blessed beyond belief  & gets the main satisfaction out of opening packages whether they are true presents or Mama’s “treats” that come in the mail. Her expressions & words are priceless! As terrible as the two’s have been & can be, I literally want to bottle her up and stay in this stage forever. She’s much fun, so loving, and I become a big sappy pile of mush when she says “I love you, Mama” and wraps those arms ever-so-tightly around my neck. I think I cry every time  – bc I know a day will come when she slams doors in my face, etc.

And then there was Thanksgiving – πŸ‚πŸƒπŸ

We are so grateful and blessed that we got to spend the day with BOTH of our families. We traveled a bunch, but at least we were with those we loved the most. We started the day at my cousin’s new house in Ponchatoula for lunch & ended the day with my in-laws for supper. We had enough food to feed an army & were surrounded with tons of love & fun.

And now Christmas is right around the corner – πŸŽ„πŸŽ

We’ve already taken part in a few Christmas events around the area {ZCL’s Grinchmas Party} & plan to do a few more before the big day comes. Tomorrow, our little town has their Christmas parade that we plan to go to. It’s going to be so chilly {thank goodness} but Reesey Girl had such a great time last year that we definitely can’t miss. Next week is Donuts with Santa {put on by Red Stick Mom’s Blog}. I didn’t realize I talked about it a lot, but every time I mention Santa, Reesey asks for donuts. She will finally get her wish in a few days! This year has truly been one of the best with my little sidekick. Her eyes light up at the Christmas decorations in the neighborhood & she gets so excited. I truly can’t wait to see her face on Christmas morning. She is such a joy!




Happiest of Halloweens from my little Lightning Bug!Β 

This Halloween was AMAZING! Although Halloween really isn’t my jam, I did love finding a cutesy costume to dress my itty bitty in & taking her around trick-or-treating {or really just walking around}. This year, her favorite thing was looking at all the pets out in the neighborhoods. I swear this child is going to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She honestly had very little, if any, interest in the candy part. Totally ok with me though. I’d rather NOT have her climbing the walls at 10pm when this mama is ready for bed.

This was our second year going to my brother-in-law & sister-in-law’s house to walk around their neighborhood. Several of our friends get together there, too, and since all of our kiddos are within a few years of each other & it’s so much fun just being together. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

This is quite a short post {compared to my others} but it’s late, my child had a meltdown at bedtime and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer when she wanted me to sleep with her. So, here I am – with her in the guest bed {which we were supposed to take out & make this a playroom}. Guess those plans have somehow changed. πŸ˜’

Early morning tomorrow so I better hit the sack.

That’s all I’ve got for today.



this is my life now and I couldn’t possibly love it more β€οΈ

Hay Maze Festival 2016 at LSU Ag Ctr Botanical Gardens {cue ‘the stink eye’ Reesey Girl}
Reesey Girl says, “You don’t put Lucky Charms in the dishwasher, too? Who are you?!” 😝

We have been so crazy busy lately! New friends, old friends, mucho family time, play dates, fun trips to the pumpkin patch, just generally enjoying life & making those sweet sweet memories. And the best part, we can play outside in this oh-so-gorgeous fall-like weather & not feel the trickle of sweat down our back… or butt-crack. πŸ™ˆ Praise the Lawd!

I must mention that I absolutely love this season that my Reesey Girl is in now, too. Well, not the waking at all hours of the night but my poor girl’s 2 yr molars are coming in like a hurricane and she’s MISERABLE. So, we do what we have to do to survive right now & if that means extra snuggles & sleeping in bed with mama and daddy, I’m in! I’ve had so many mama friends remind me lately that this won’t last forever. And that couldn’t be more true.

Of course, I hate that she’s growing up & becoming so independent now, but I also LOVE it at the same time. She’s so funny to listen to & watch; I can’t help but giggle. She picks up on EVERYTHING! She’s got ‘the stink eye’ down to a T & doesn’t care who sees her giving it either. A little too much of her mama in her I suppose. And her newest phrases: “Aww shoot!” (hey, better than the alternative, right?!) “Oh, wow!”, “Yeah, sure.” and “I love you, too, Mama.” Nothing makes my heart burst more! ❀️

As the holidays are quickly approaching & all the hustle and bustle begins, I’ve been on my A game with this planning business – deciding on a Halloween costume {which will be super fun this year because she can walk}, planning to attend all these fun fall/winter festivities, making her birthday and Christmas lists & realizing just how broke we’ll be after all is said & done. I absolutely can’t wait to watch her open presents this year because every time we get a package in the mail, she squeals with delight while she’s helping me open it and exclaims “A treat, a treat!” Sister knows what “treats” are. Mama’s got her trained!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. Nap time is underway for my little priss & I’m about to join The ShutEye Party, too.